CAST + CREW Call for Book Trailer "Seeker of Time"


Project Title: Seeker of Time Book TrailerSeeker of Time Cover Art Producer: Kenieshiear Czetty

Writer: JM Buckler

Looking for: CAST + CREW

Project Description: 

Local Author JM Buckler has released her first book of The Seeker of Time Series, and as part of marketing and getting word out, we are filming a cinematic book trailer. It's a small project, but we will shoot some key scenes from the book. No dialogue, background music and narration.

Character Breakdowns: 

Certain: A Blonde Cheerleader Type for Main Character's Girlfriend

Extras: coffee shop scene & high school scene

Crew Positions Available: 

  • G&E
  • Production Assistant

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Kenieshiear Czetty |