CASTING CALL for Short Film "Vigilante Justice"


Project Title: Vigilante Justice Type of Production: Short Film

Writer: Todd "TJ" Stephens

Director: Todd "TJ" Stephens

Production Company: Todd Jason Films

Project Description: 

After a deadly drug takes the life of his sister, James must take matters into his own hands to find the dealer and take down his supplier. While honoring his sister to the beat of her rocking music playlist.

My high school participates in what's called UIL. They have all kinds of competitions from academics, to fine arts, etc. They have a film festival, I've been competing in this festival for three years now. And this year I want to step up my game.

Character Breakdowns:

  • James: Hero of the Story (Male, Late 20s) Average looking, has strong biceps, likes music, knows martial arts
  • Lucy: James' Younger Sister (Female, Mid-20s) Average looking, likes music
  • Jake: Drug Dealer (Male, Late 20s/Early 30s): Average but not the kind of guy you would trust
  • Marshall: Supplier (Male, Early 30s): Average but not the kind of guy you would trust, knows martial arts
  • Henchmen  [Need 3]: Early 20s, know martial arts

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Date of Audition: NOVEMBER 4th, 2017

Contact: Todd "TJ" Stephens |