31 Days of Horror! Day 23 | Vampyr


Our Community Director Carrie Cates is watching a horror film each day this October, in what she has dubbed 31 Days of Horror! We’ll be posting her spooky cinema journey here every day this month, so check back in to see what she’s watching next!


"This ol' movie surprised me. Lots of camera movements for such an old film. Luckily, I checked this out on Film Struck and was able to learn that apparently this was because the camera wasn't equipped for sound even though the movement into sound would have been occurring around that time. This decision was made by the director so that they could get these moving shots that really make this film work. There are many moments from this film that you can tell have motivated the genre from the moment this film was released on. Lots of creepy imagery.

1 out of 5 on the fright-o-meter as the film is a little slow moving and there is never anything truly terrifying, just unsettling and a little creepy."

-  Carrie