Project Title: Not If You Don't Vote Type of Production: Commercial

Producer: Aunteek Naser

Writer: Aunteek Naser

Director: Aunteek Naser

Production Company: artlesscommerce

Looking for: CAST

Project Description: 

This is a PSA encouraging people to vote. A candidate for a government position is giving a speech. She discusses wanting to make the world a better place, and fighting to solve real issues in the real world. She closes by saying that she cannot do so if people don't vote.

Most of it is voiceover as we see the candidate taking part in community activities and signing policy.

Character Breakdowns: 

Candidate (20s): She is running for an unnamed position in some government field. She wants to work with people to solve real problems, but cannot do it without support.

Compensation: Non-Paid | Meals | DVD/Digital Copy

Contact: Aunteek Naser |