MIX/VHS | Week 044


Welcome to another rendition of MIX/VHS: your weekly dose of eclectic recommendations from Austin Cinemaker Space blog contributors. From music videos to films to weird deep-dive YouTube finds, and everything in-between: we hope you enjoy this week's mix!

Tim Presley // The Clue

Jane Photo


I'm a big fan of director Matt Grote's music videos, and Tim Presley's music. You may know Tim Presley from his previous project, White Fence. I'd like to think that if I fell asleep on beach day listening to this song, this might be the exact dream I'd have. Maybe if I had a fever on beach day, this is what I'd hallucinate. Since it isn't beach day, and I'm not sick nor sleepy, I'll just say this: Strange for the sake of strange isn't a bad thing, and sometimes the devil isn't in the details, or even there at all. I guess he wasn't invited to beach day. (Check out the host site for a bunch more awesome music videos/short films/playlists/interviews, etc.)

- Jane

Bobby Knight Golf Outtakes

bob knight


Finally, someone who keeps it real in front of the camera. From throwing chairs on the basketball court to throwing clubs on the golf course, NCAA Hall Of Fame coach Knight doesn't beat around the bush. Pull out your popcorn ladies and gentlemen, Bobby's taking you for a ride.

- Clete

Bojack Horseman: Season 4



Arguably? I'm not quite sure Bojack Horseman everyone is going to love. Everyone I've ever spoken to about this show is either in the camp of "THIS IS THE GREATEST + FUNNIEST TV SHOW ON NETFLIX EVER!!" or in the camp of "This is the most unfunny, cripplingly depressing show ever and I don't get the appeal". And honestly? Both of those things are true. It's this mish-mash of comedic jabs at celebrity LA life & a deep dive into depression that somehow found its way into the world. And I am so okay with it. Even if you've tried: give this show another chance. Four seasons in, and it's never been better. For the full effect, eat some sort of greasy, sad food in your bed in just your underwear on a gloomy weekday, and immerse yourself in this show.

-  Spencer

Charlene's World Trailer



Meet seven-year-old comedian Ava Ryan. SNL should just go ahead and book her NOW. She started on Vine when her mom, Katie, posted a short vid of her (around age 2) looking out the window at a pink sky saying, “I smell like beef.” The demise of Vine was her biggest break, because then her mom started posting compilations on social media—and now she’s gone viral with almost 1M followers. Ava just started a new Facebook page for her show Charlene’s World, which incorporates her characters. You gotta watch this trailer (and her YouTube channel “KatieRyanAva” of old Vine videos). Her delivery is impeccable. I’m obsessed!

- Stephanie


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.04.41 PM.png


I'm completely enraptured by this film. The kinetic frenzy of everything on screen. The melodramatic performances put up to level 11 and delivered with honest intensity. The fluid and daring cinematography. The Cronenberg/Lynch-esque imagery. The everything. I love this movie.

-  Jake

Delusions in Modern Primitivism

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 12.58.25 PM


Delusions in Modern Primitivism takes a stab at some of the idiocy that the the world of body modification can sometimes exhibit. Shot as a "mocumentary" we are driven around by an obnoxious gen x-er who details the so called "struggles" of living as a scarified individual whilst being interviewed.  As the interview progresses, the deeper and deeper into this guys absurd vanity we are taken.  The interview then ends when we arrive at the destination of Mr. Beanie's next body art piece and we see how insane this guy's concept of cultural scarification actually is. Definitely worth a laugh and maybe some introspective thought if you're in to body modding.


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