MIX/VHS | Week 040

Eclectic is key! MIX/VHS works really hard to provide a wild mix of disjointed recommendations for you every Thursday to start your weekend a little early with a little treat! From short films to weird YouTube deep cuts and everything in-between, we hope you enjoy this week's mix!

The Execution of Mary Stuart 

Execution MQS


Wanna see what may have been the first film to use trained actors AND editing for the purpose of special effects? All you need is to spare 18 seconds of your life. It’s The Execution of Mary Stuart (1895) produced by Thomas Edison, which depicts the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. Prefer romance? Ok, then keep watching this collection produced by Edison Studios to see The Kiss (1896)--the very first kiss on film. So risqué! I wonder what Tommy E. would think of Striptease…?!?

-  Stephanie

The Present

MixVHS - The Present


Some days you really need a mind-spinning, sweat-inducing piece of horror movie to spice up your mundane life, but other days all you need is a dose of the cozy feel-goods. Whatever your film needs are right now, I I would definitely recommend taking a hop over to peek at The Present, an animated short video that was made a couple years ago. The tiny details are super fun to notice and really make me appreciate how much energy and thought goes into making animated films. The Present is fairly short in length but is able to present a lot of intriguing ideas in that amount of time, so definitely watch it presently!

-  Michelle

How To Make A Breakfast Burger



This sandwich? It's damn good. I made a crappy version of this with a bagel as the substitute, along with my low-key horrific cooking skills, and it was STILL damn good. First We Feast is an incredible channel highlighting cuisine from different communities, most notably New York where their production office is. Be warned. You're gonna be REEEEEAL hungry when you're done watching this.

-  Spencer

Rick and Morty Exquisite Corpse



"Exquisite Corpse" is a creative method where multiple artists collaborate together towards an art piece, but each artist only sees a tiny portion of what the others have made. The animators of Rick and Morty set out to do this, and the results are... interesting. And certainly trippy.

-  Ralfs

Burnt Offerings



With Halloween and autumn around the corner, I have begun to get into the swing of horror/obscure-70s-haunting films. To kick it off, I watched a piece titled Burnt Offerings. From the maker of the classic series Dark Shadows, this film is not without cliches: a troubled family takes a vacation to a perfect summertime retreat - a mansion owned by some crazy elderly folk, who basically lend it to them for no cost. The catch: keep it clean, and take care of the reclusive "mother" in the attic. Nothing could go wrong, right? I might have a soft-spot for these cliched horror film forays of the 70s, but this film definitely boasts several positives. Excellent performances from an ensemble cast, awesome set pieces and atmosphere, and of course, great tension. Highly enjoyable little haunting film.

-  Jake

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