MIX/VHS | Week 027

Spring is springing! While we flip flop between sunny & rainy days in Austin, the eclectic artists at MIX/VHS have been delving into some really great films + videos for you to check out in your moments of relaxing. As always, we hope you enjoy!  


Power Hungry



Power Hungry Is an excellent animated short by animator Benjy Brooke for Super Deluxe. Described by Benjy as "A tale of future woes", this short is set in a desolate world where there is a continual struggle for power... literal power! A stunning little film!!

-  Felix

The Reward - Tales of Alethrion



This animated short brings to mind every D&D session I ever played growing up as a nerdy homeschool kid in the midwest. Despite the fact that there is essentially no dialogue, this Danish-made adventure packs laughs, heartbreak, and the classic Hero's Journey plot into its barely 9 minute runtime. With an animation style that falls somewhere between French and Japanese, this nostalgia-laden film uses brief but effective character moments that have stayed with me since I first watched it 3 years ago. I recommend watching it immediately and then finding a tabletop RPG group to join.

-  Jeremy

BP Fallon & David Holmes // Henry McCullough



I'm in awe of this beautiful tribute to the late legend Henry McCullough. BP Fallon sends chills with his haunting spoken word, telling the story of their friendship and how McCullough brought his magic to the world. The visuals are beautiful, and combined with the dreamy soundscape it's perfection. Transcendent.

-  Sloane

Come and See - Sight and Sound



A dear history-nut friend of mine told me last year that he had heard of a film described as "making Apocalypse Now look like it was for babies." Together, we watched Soviet director Elim Klimov's war masterpiece Come and See, which changed me. As a director. As a writer. As a filmmaker. As a human. The film itself is one of the most jarring and disturbing portrayals of war that has ever been put to film. That alone would make me recommend it. But Channel Criswell's analysis of Klimov's extraordinary techniques as a filmmaker is something to sober you up before venturing into the film itself. His analysis digs appropriately into the beautiful film and how it deprecated the viewer into the mindset of the lead protagonist. It's a remarkable film, and Criswell's review does it justice from top to bottom.

-  Jake

The Best Home Run Call!!



Baseball season is here! And I am so god damn jazzed about that, even though my beloved Seattle Mariners are struggling to win any games ever. BUT! If you aren't a loyal sports fan like me, I hope you find appreciation of this Taiwanese sportscaster's incredibly, earnestly funny declaration following Manny Ramirez home run. Because it's great!!

-  Spencer

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