MIX/VHS | Week 023

With Amplify Austin in full swing later today, what a better time to celebrate film + creatives then with some filmmaking recommendations! MIX/VHS has a great mix for you this week, so we hope you enjoy!


Temples // Strange or Be Forgotten



Love this track off Temples' upcoming record 'Volcano', which drops on the 3rd. 'Strange Or Be Forgotten' is a dreamy psych-pop tune which evokes feelings of walking through a maze somewhere in a garden on another planet. The video features the band taking photos of several personalities. Capturing each, and gradually showing more of their inner life, the video is beautifully shot and works perfectly with the vibe of the song. Can't wait to check out the whole album later this week. Check out this video while you wait.
- Sloane

Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles



This is one of my favorite documentaries about one of my favorite real-life mysteries.  These tiles have popped up all over the world, and while they seemingly blend in and many walk right past them without notice every day. Amazingly enough, the creator too has managed to go completely unnoticed and unrecognized for their cryptic work. These filmmakers work to uncover the urban-mystery in our midst of the Toynbee tile. This film gives me chills thinking about it's eerie atmosphere, and in my last trip to New Orleans I nearly tripped out of excitement in the street when I found one of these tiles mounted firmly in the pavement outside of our hotel.

-  Carrie

Blow Out



Brian de Palma's take on Michaelangelo Antonioni's classic Blow Up is an exciting, feverish, intense, and humorous analysis of modern American politics. John Travolta plays a B-Movie sound designer who accidentally captures the sounds of a presidential nominee's murder, and in his quest to reveal the truth, he must also fight to survive. The film is an incredibly prophetic tale of the state of the American politics, and how some conspiracies are no longer just delusional ramblings. The movie is composed beautifully, and holds the audience's attention through every engaging second.
 - Jake

I Am Not A Hipster



Happened upon this film by accident a couple years back + it opened my world to the work of Destin Daniel Cretton (who also directed Short Term 12, now one of my favorite films). Where that film had more polish and higher stakes, I Am Not Hipster is a quieter, week-in-the-life piece of a San Diego musician coming to terms with his mother's death. It heavily inspired the main theme of my thesis film, and while some would easily write this off as "yet another wayward, tortured, introverted artist who no one understands" story, it has incredible heart to it. Beautiful original music + striking cinematography are a plus as well. I'm a fan.

-  Spencer

Pepperoni Playboy: A Macumentary



This half hour "Macumentary" about musician/bum Mac DeMarco is oddly compelling. Hell, he's just an oddly compelling dude. There's something about watching him slam back lobster, smoke eight packs of Viceroy cigarettes, and break down pop music that does it for me. Director/editor Jon Leone has, thank god, the right off-kilter sensibilities to bring out the best, worst, and weirdest in Mac. If a documentary is only as interesting as its subject, buckle up buckaroo, you're about to experience the ultimate purveyor of Canadian surf-pop. Watch as Mac Attack takes us through a day in his ripped, smelly plaid life and get into all manner of wacky tour hijinks with his bandmates.

-  JJ

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