MIX/VHS | Week 022

  Spring seems to be knocking on our doors early in Austin, Texas: 85 degrees & sunny! But no matter where you are in the world, or the current state of the weather in that said place that you are, the gang at MIX/VHS hopes you have some time in your busy/not-so-busy lives to check out these incredible recommendations of visual media that we've compiled for you! This is WEEK 022 of MIX/VHS!


The Young Pope



Man, this is some Capital T motha' fuckin' Television bb! The Young Pope is dimorphous art at its best: beautiful yet frightening, whimsical yet profound, and often its character development and plot points are as enlightening as they are obfuscating. The show artfully navigates through the abstruse details of life in The Holy See without weighing down its audience, all while lovingly poking fun at the subject of its setting. And Jude Law? Gesù Cristo! After watching his performance in this ten-episode series, I'm convinced that he might actually be the messiah. Please, just watch it already so we can talk about it...

-  Hamilton

Vancouver Sleep Clinic // Someone to Stay



This vibey new video from Australia based Vancouver Sleep Clinic is full of dreamy scenes and shadowy vignettes. Tim Bettinson's etherial vocals paired with the somewhat dismal setting makes for an eerie overall picture. Left open to some extent, the viewer is left to interpret the narrative, letting you decide what the sparkle that weaves itself throughout the video may represent. This song really tells a story, and I can't think of a better visual to accompany it all. Definitely give it view and check out their other work while you're at it.
- Sloane




Little kids are creepy. Dolls are creepy. Scandinavians are the most creepy. So naturally this short directed by Kryler Akerstrom featuring a small blonde child and a Jigsaw-esque doll works on a lot of levels to make you uncomfortable. Check it out for the chilling sound design and story that never stops pulling the Ikea rug out from under you.

-  JJ

A Cure for Wellness



A Cure for Wellness, Gore Verbinki's latest film foray, is a divisive one. This film will leave it's audiences polarized. I, for one, was ready to call it my favorite guilty pleasure film of the year so far. The performances are enticing and mysterious; the cinematography is comparable to some of Kubrick's best; the story is reminiscent of classical gothic stories, with hints of vampirical/immortality thematics; and a darker shadow always seems to be leaking beneath the surface of everything going on. Those reasons alone, for me, account for the first 90% of this film being incredibly enjoyable. HOWEVER, a word of warning to the wise: this film had a clear ending, something cynical and dark in nature, an ending that I was rooting for... and then it continued on for another 20 minutes, and ended in a horrendous array of lunacy. So, despite this being my recommendation, know that the ending could potentially ruin the experience for you.
- Jake

 My Journey from Marine to Actor 



There are two masterpiece moments happening here. First, a Ted Talk speech from Adam Driver (one of my favorite actors working today) speaking about how his life experience as a marine prepared him (or didn't prepare him) for his acting training at Juliard, and how he brought both of those worlds together in starting the non-profit Arts in the Armed Forces. Secondly, a perfectly passionate and profound performance by Jesse J. Perez & Matt Johnson of  the monologue "I Am Not Batman", written by Marco Ramirez. Please. Without a doubt, watch this. And I hope you were as moved as I was of this incredible actors life story and another incredible actors delivery of a humorous, yet painful piece.

-  Spencer

Flight of the Conchords - A Texan Odyssey



"Americans call Austin the live music Capital of the world, but only a small percentage of Americans have travelled outside of America.  So, they probably wouldn't really know."  Aired on NZTV3, this documentary is about the Flight of the Conchord's trip to SXSW music festival in 2006.  It's packed with their great observations and commentary on American culture as they bumble their way through the Austin music scene during one of its most chaotic weeks of the year (very much before they were selling out Bass Concert Hall for multiple nights).  A fun watch as you gear up for March in Austin!

-  Carrie

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