CASTING CALL for 'Untitled Documentary Project'


A Note From the Director:  While watching tensions rise these past few months, I’ve felt useless and clueless as to what to do next. However, I am currently starting a new project that requires help from you, your friends, your parents’ friends, your grandparents’ friends etc. I want to film stories or experiences that have happened recently or not so recently when you/someone you know has felt targeted by our political administration (past or present).

No story is the wrong story. This is a way to document the people’s experiences in this climate for historical purposes. I feel that when spreading an impactful message as large as this one, the best way to communicate and have people empathize is not through a post on Facebook, but seeing and hearing someone you love say that they experienced these events. On that note: -I want to get as many people involved as possible! Tell everyone you know. -If you yourself don’t feel comfortable telling your story, please reach out me anyway and we can have someone stand in for you to tell your story. -You are not alone. Part of this project is a way for me to understand what is happening and continue the conversation so it doesn’t stop, but also to remind everyone that nothing can be accomplished without the help of others.

Contact me through email and we can set up a time to film. Every participant will receive credit!

CONTACT: Haley Hill |