Experimental Media: Mini-Workshop Series
Experimental Media: Mini-Workshop Series
Experimental Media: Mini-Workshop Series // SPRING 2014

Austin School of Film presents a series of mini workshops in animation, film and mixed media that allow interested students in all levels of experience to create creative and fun experimental works. We believe developing new skills in media arts should be accessible to each and every person in our community at an affordable cost. Each workshop is $50 per student.

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CINEMAKER MANIFESTO: A Dogme 95 Screening Series
CINEMAKER MANIFESTO: A Dogme 95 Screening Series

Dogme 95 was a filmmaking movement started in Denmark by directors Lars von Trier and
Thomas Vinterberg in 1995. The movement was a reaction to the inaccessibility of mainstream
filmmaking. By adhering to a set of guidelines, called the “Vow of Chastity,” the directors of the
Dogme 95 Collective could independently produce films focused solely on story and
performance and free of the overproduction of the mainstream films they were rejecting. In the
spirit of the Dogme 95 movement, the Austin School of Film is hosting a short film competition & screening
with a fresh set of guidelines inspired by the “Vow of Chastity.”

The Dogme 95 Manifesto may be dead but ASoF plans to bring it's films alive again this spring!

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Lighting 101 // MAY
Lighting 101 // May

MAY 3 & 4 // SATURDAY + SUNDAY 10:00AM - 4:00PM

This course introduces students to a range of microphones and techniques for troubleshooting in the field and offers a comprehensive introduction to recording quality sound for your productions.

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After Effects CS6: Intro // APRIL
After Effects CS6: Intro

APRIL 19-20 // SATURDAY + SUNDAY 10:00AM-4:00PM

Virtually every television commercial, feature film, or television show uses After Effects.  This class will help you understand the fundamental basics of animation & compositing.

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