Motion Media Arts Center is a 501c(3) non-profit independent film, art, and technology center that supports every aspect of production from idea to distribution. Our goal is to educate, train, and develop emerging artists of all ages to be active participants in shaping our culture. We are dedicated to the belief that film, art and technology can be and are financially accessible art forms both in and outside of the classroom. Our programs include Austin School of Film and Austin Cinemaker Space.




Motion Media Arts Center was formed in 2002 by combining Austin Cinemaker Co-op and Center for Young Cinema (CYC). Austin Cinemaker Co-op was formed in 1996, came to be recognized as an outstanding filmmaking resource center, and featured original members like Guillermo Del Toro and Lee Daniel. CYC founded in 1999 as the first year round film school for children under the age of 18 in the Southwest. In 2001, CYC was named one of the top ten film schools in the country by HBO Family. The combined histories of these two award-winning groups formed an indelible foundation for Motion Media Art Center.

In 2004, Motion Media Arts Center launched education programming for all ages through the Austin School of Film. Since, we have hosted over 5,000 classes, workshops, screenings, and events! We have directly served over 500,000 community members since 2005, with numbers continuing to grow.

In early 2016, Motion Media Arts Center announced the opening of Austin Cinemaker Space, a sister program to the Austin School of Film and our expansion of facility and programs. Austin Cinemaker Space remains the only Austin's non-profit coworking membership & makerspace program offering the community a unique creative hub to work, learn with access to cutting edge tools, studios, equipment and networking.