Monday, July 9th - Friday, July 20th


All Day Camps: mix-n-match morning + afternoon camp sessions for a full day of arts education, creation & fun! All Day Campers will break for lunch each day from 1pm – 2pm (note: lunch is not provided) in their homeroom with movies, games, & activities galore ✨

10:00am – 1:00pm


2:00pm – 5:00pm


☟ F.A.Q. ☟

What are the size of our camps?  

  • We believe students should have a stronger teacher to student ratio. Our camps are capped at a maximum of 15 students and all have a minimum ratio of 3:15 student + teachers. 


Does Austin School of Film provide campers lunch? 

  • Austin School of Film will provide snacks and beverages throughout the day. All day campers are required to bring a sack lunch. The last day of camp will be served as a screening party with pizza and beverages provided by ASoF! Enjoy some delicious pizza & view their new films with the other campers. We prefer students do not bring glass. Students are welcome to bring their own favorite snacks and beverages.


What is an All Day Camper?

  • All Day Campers are students who enroll in a morning camp (10am - 1pm) and afternoon camp (2pm - 5pm). Campers can mix & match morning and afternoon camp sessions to customize to their interests for a full day of arts education, creation and fun! All Day Campers will have a scheduled lunch each day from 1pm - 2pm in their homeroom with movies, games, and activities. Lunch is not provided. 


Are students permitted at any time to leave school campus?

  • No student is allowed to leave school campus during the duration of camp unless accompanied by their guardian/parent.


When is drop off and pick up? 

  • Earliest drop off time is 9:30AM for morning camp & 12:30PM for afternoon camp. If student is being picked up early for any reason, please notify our offices by call or email prior to the pick-up.


Is the content of the films created by campers censored? 

  • Austin School of Film does not believe in censoring our students. However, there are rules!
  1. No fake or real weapons or blood of any kind
  2. No cursing or foul language
  3. No mindless violence or inappropriate content.
  • Our instructors are mindful of the creative flow of our students and will assure their film ideas are both conceived and constructed in a positive environment.


Does ASoF provide scholarships?

  • Each camp session has 3 spots for scholarship students. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship for a camp, please contact us for more information.


Still have questions? Contact us!