Anne Goetzmann Kelley


Anne co-founded and presided over Moment Productions, an alternative record and music production company, from 1979-1984. Moving back to Austin in 1991, she brought her indie marketing skills to the Austin film scene and co-founded Center for Young Cinema (CYC), a place where youth like her son could have a safe place to learn how to express themselves through film & art. Kelley was instrumental in fostering a unique environment where teens’ creativity flourished; CYC student films have been screened all over the country and on HBO Family. In 2002, she co-founded Austin School of Film & Media Arts Center (as Motion Media Arts Center) with Austin Cinemaker Co-op to combined CYC and Austin Cinemaker Co-op into a full-fledged media arts center for all ages to learn, explore, and grow. Anne is still very passionate about working + empowering youth students and it actively always looking for new ways to reach out to children across the global through the art of filmmaking.



Faiza Kracheni


Faiza was born and raised in East Austin, Texas and currently serves as MMAC's Education and Programs Director and the co-founder of Transform Film Festival - Austin’s first film festival for women. She began her journey as an MMAC Director in 2011 and has led the organization in developing & launching MMAC's Austin Cinemaker Space program in 2016. In addition to developing ACS, she leads MMAC in the development, implementation, and growth needed for sustaining and launching new programs for all ages within film, art, and creative media. She is extremely passionate about advocating for working class artists, accessibility, and protecting the culturally-rich East Austin neighborhoods. In addition to her involvement at MMAC, She is one of the co-founders of Transform Film Festival - Texas’ first and only inclusive film festival for women. She is also an active filmmaker, musician, and educator having work exhibited and toured around the entire U.S., Mexico, Canada, and soon Europe & Japan. You can find her teaching filmmaking at the Mexican American Cultural Center, touring with her band(s), planning the next Transform Film Festival or making something!



Carrie Cates


Carrie has a Radio-TV-Film degree from Indiana State University and studied film theory at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to serving as MMAC’s Community Director since 2015, she has also been a key educator & faculty member at Austin School of Film since 2012. Since moving from the Hoosier state to Austin, she has produced 3 feature length films: Summer League, Wind & Rain, and Intrusion Disconnected and many independent short films. She also produces work for global clients such as Warner Bros. Studios and The Chive. In the midst of all of this, she founded a youth film festival for junior high and high school students in the greater Austin area, the Austin Youth Film Fest, where she took a very active role in coordinating its inaugural year to great success and praise. She's a self-proclaimed collaboration enthusiast, and is always looking for new ways to use technology to bridge communication gaps in production. Needless to say, she is incredibly supportive and involved in the local Austin film scene.



Joey Prather

Community manager

Joey was born and raised in Round Rock, making him an Austinite! He started his journey at Austin School of Film through an for graduation and loved it so much he stuck around! In the film realm, he has an award winning short film Cleaning House about a Roomba detective that happens to be a vacuum. He has a strong affinity towards genre filmmaking and absolutely adores practical effects. Joey dabbles in grip work and special effects makeup but writing and directing hold his heart.





Emily designed & built this whole dang site! Including these staff bios, which is actually super awkward all of a sudden so... Hi! I'm Emily, a professional nerd deeply uncomfortable with describing myself in the third person. Sup? I've identified as "code-witch" since 2009; tech life is wild! As both a web/app developer & a UX engineer, I've gotten to do all sorts of cool stuff: I can factually claim to have worked closely with Batman (animating iOS games for clients like Warner Bros & DC Comics) & in 2015 I co-presented a (profoundly weird) concept for Ray Kurzweil's AI research team at Google HQ… Now I'm back in Austin, ready to conquer the world of video games!




Community Associate

Valarie was born in Austin, Texas and holds a Bachelors in Media Arts from the University of North Texas. She has edited, directed, & produced several short films, many associated with UNT Short Film Club. She has worked with the UNT Media Library as an archivist and as a Post Production intern with Red Productions and BrightStar Media. In addition, she pursues media studies research including her undergraduate thesis on Hispanic youth and media literacy. She is currently an assistant editor with Fembeat- an Austin based documentary series- and a teaching artist with the after-school program Creative Action. Catch her on the weekends sipping coffee at MMAC assisting members, classes, and all visitors.



Christopher Harold

Community Associate

Chris has been in love with filmmaking the majority of his life ever since re-making Jurassic Park in the backyard with his older brother. From then on he knew he was meant to be an actor. After many years of various productions and growing deeper interests in all aspects of cinema, he's come to Austin to cultivate his craft on every side of the camera. Still very much an enthusiastic actor, writing and directing are now at the forefront to explore further creative expression. Here at the MMAC he's striving to connect and collaborate with the wonderful community as part of the team! 

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-—- FACULTY -—-


Alie Jackson is a Multimedia Artist, Art Director and 2D Motion Designer born and raised in Austin, TX. She received her B.F.A. from Stephen F. Austin State University with a focus on Advertising Design and Photography. As a multimedia artist, she has screened experimental films and music videos at Transform Film Festival, Austin Music Video Festival and was the Boss Babes Resident Artist for February/March 2018. Alie currently works as a Senior Art Director at Arts + Labor where she creates branding, motion graphics and social media for independent films, documentaries, TV programing and more. She has also worked with clients including Nike, Jordan, ABC, FX, Disney, TNT, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Amazon Studios, and Marvel.

Alonso J. Luján is a director and cinematographer based in Austin, TX, working on narrative films, commercials, documentaries, and other content. His work has screened at festivals across the globe, collecting numerous accolades, including the MTV award for Best Music Video at the Independent Music Awards, in Spain UFI10. Some of the clients he has worked with include Coca Cola, Facebook, Sony Music Entertainment, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Warner Music.

Carleton Ranney is a filmmaker based in Austin, TX. At 17 he was named a “Movie Maker to Watch” by the Austin Chronicle and Movie Maker Magazine. His debut feature film, JACKRABBIT, was a participant in the 2014 IFP Narrative Labs. The film’s world premiere was held the following spring at the 2015 TRIBECA Film Festival. JACKRABBIT was picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures and released in March of 2016. Carleton is a two time recipient of the Austin Film Society’s Texas Filmmakers Production Fund Grant.

Carrie Cates has a Radio-TV-Film degree from Indiana State University and studied film theory at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Currently, she the Community Director at Motion Media Arts Center and a local Austin indie filmmaker. She has produced 3 feature length films, Summer League, Wind & Rain, and Intrusion Disconnected and many short films since moving to Austin, Texas in 2011. She the co-founder of the Austin Youth Film Fest is always looking for new ways to use technology to bridge communication gaps in production.

Cordelaine (Corey) Kline is an Austin based industry filmmaker and educator. Kline has worked as an Assistant Camera/2nd AC on 3 feature films since arrival in Austin and is what you would call a “rarity” in the industry. He is both skilled in production (DP) and post-production (editing and color correcting). In addition to his on-set expertise, Corey is a certified training instructor for DaVinci Resolve. Kline graduated from the University of Iowa Cinema Program where he produced and DP'd a feature film called Diary of a Superhero which won the Award of Excellence from Iowa Motion Picture Association.

Edward Santiago is an award winning screenwriter of the 2015 Shriekfest Independent Horror Film Festival and also a Finalist for the 2014 Shriekfest and the 2015 Oaxaca Film Festival. Edward holds a Bachelor of Science in Radio-TV Communications from the University of Puerto Rico and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

Faiza Kracheni is a multimedia artist and musician living and working in Austin, Texas. Her work primarily focuses with film, in such formats as Super 8, 16mm and 35mm drawing inspiration for her work from subculture movements such as punk, fetish, and religion/ritual. Her work has screened in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma and Austin. She is currently working on a new film to premiere in Summer 2017.

Gary Gibich is a graduate of the University of Texas Film School and an instructor of Adobe After Effects CC (Creative Cloud) and Adobe Premiere Pro CC courses at the Austin School of Film. Gary has worked professionally in Film and Broadcast Television. He has also written a book based on a true WWII story entitled Patton’s Lost Platoon, which was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarterfinalist in 2010. Gary continues to write novels, scripts and short form projects, and remains actively engaged in production and post-production.

Illyana Bocanegra is a videomaker and content producer in Austin, Texas. Her focus is in documentary filmmaking and storytelling. Her experience working with non-profits such as E4Youth, Studium, and #bossbabesATX, guides her work to focus on community, the arts, and young people. She currently is working on a web series with poet Julian Copado about the lives of three young, latinx, adults living their parent's American dream.

Jeanne Stern is a creative professional and multi-platform artist in digital media, animation, film, video and editing currently working and living in Austin, Texas. Her past work has screened at a variety of festivals and galleries around global including: PBS, The Smithsonian, South by Southwest and Heather Henson's traveling Film Festival. She holds an MFA in Film from the University of Texas and a BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College. She has been teaching both youth and adults within digital art creation and instruction for the past 5+ years including teaching at the University of Texas (Austin).

Jennifer Cunningham is an independent artist, designer, and creative conduit living and working in the Austin, TX, area. Most of her work involves either makeup, special FX, paint, jewelry, or some combination thereof. From Theatrical set painting and geeky accessories to extensive body paint and creative work specifically for film and photography. Plus lots and lots of coffee!

John Valley studied film and theater at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. His training in directing came from Emeritus Professor of directing, Tisch Jones, who founded the Darwin Turner Action Theatre which brought students into classrooms and community centers around the state to explore social and political topics. Since his move to Austin, John has directed over 40 music videos and a feature film that he also produced, wrote and co-starred in. He has also appeared in over 30 stage productions and numerous films, including Robert Rodriguez’s 2019 independent feature Red 11 and reality series, Rebel Without A Crew.

Kirk Hunter has 26 years of experience and knowledge of film and video. Kirk has a technical expertise of Digital, Super 8, 16 mm, and 35 mm film formats and his work has been screened in multiple festivals, museums, and galleries.

Luke Adams is a local filmmaker and Austin native. Luke graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Radio, Television, and Film, where he focused on cinematography and live action 3D production. Luke currently freelances in Austin filming music videos and working on indie film sets as a DP and Gaffer.

Matthew Hemenway is an Austin-based filmmaker, painter, and writer. Raised on a farm in South Dakota and educated at Arizona State University’s Film and Media Production program, Hemenway moved to Austin in 2012, where he continues to pursue his work in narrative film. He has created video content for clients ranging from credit unions to travel agents, tech startups to government agencies, and feature filmmakers to nonprofits. Hemenway has worked on productions that have screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner, at Austin’s Stateside Theater, and on NBC. (

Matthew Koshmrl is a filmmaker and cinematographer born and raised in Minnesota. After graduating with a B.A. in film production from Emerson College, he moved to Daegu, South Korea where he continued his work as a filmmaker at Daegu Compass, an arts & culture magazine. Matthew has worked as a DP on short films that have screened throughout South Korea and the USA, including the Austin FF, Daegu Independent Short FF, and the Minneapolis St. Paul IFF. Spring of 2016 Matthew was commissioned by the National Science Foundation to travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to film a paleontological expedition. He is now working on a documentary to be coproduced with the Carnegie Museum about the evolution of dinosaurs in Antarctica and the paleontological process in extreme climates. As an MFA candidate at the University of Texas in Austin, Matthew focused on documentary films that explore the evolution of tradition, individual and national identity, and unseen processes. He is currently finishing his first feature documentary film, Dokdo: Lone Island which covers the disputed sovereignty over Dokdo, an island that has been one of the greatest points of contention between South Korea and Japan since the end of WWII.

Mike Akel began to take off in 2001 when he landed a job teaching TV/Film at Travis High School and helped develop youth film programs including the Austin Student Digital Film Festival. Mike’s comic sensibilities were on inspiration overload throughout his time as a teacher and while his appreciation for educators and their unique challenges grew, so did his understanding of some of the absurdity inherent in the teaching profession. The result was Mike’s first feature film: CHALK, a comedy about new teachers shot in the style of THE OFFICE. The film won numerous awards, was released theatrically in over 50 markets and aired nationally on The Sundance Channel and Starz Network. In 2012 Mike released his second film, AN ORDINARY FAMILY which is currently available on more than 20 digital platforms. Next for Mike was a move to television where he directed/story produced 8 episodes for the documentary series MY 600 LB LIFE, which is currently airing on TLC. Currently Mike is developing and producing original comedy series’ for his company New Sky Pictures. The first project, MR. GINGER has screened in multiple web series festivals and will soon be airing digitally on regional TV networks across the country.

Myrriah Gossett is an independent podcast producer in Austin, TX. She has close to 10 years of production experience and just this past spring managed to produce over 50 podcast episodes in just 10 days. She does not recommend doing that to anyone. You can hear her on mic as a co-host of the Star Trek Discovery Pod, and her name in the credits for the Founding Media Podcast Network, the new relaunch of the Bedpost Confessions Podcast, Creative Queso Podcast, Seen with Miranda Podcast, FOGO: Fear of Going Outside Podcast, and more.

Nathan Bayless has a Radio-TV-Film degree from Indiana State University and has been working in Austin film and video production since 2008. He has worked on films, commercials, and television series as an animator, director, editor, writer, production assistant, and just about everything in between. His most recent film work was as a colorist on TOWER, a rotoscope animated feature film that premiered and won multiple awards at SXSW 2016.

Tania Romero is Nicaraguan filmmaker, teacher, and scholar, has a degree in Psychology with a Film Studies minor and a Master’s in Media Studies. She has worked on several film projects and her credits include editor for a feature documentary “Ya Basta” (2007) which screened at South by Southwest Film Festival, script supervisor for the Cannes Film Festival selected shorts “Sarathi” (2010), “Clay” (2012) and assistant director for “A Perfect Cocktail” (2013). She was also producer/director/editor for the short documentary “Helmets from Heath”(2013) which won Judge’s Choice at the Faces of Austin competition. Her film “Quinceanera” (2015) won a San Francisco Film Award of Merit, was an official selection at the Official Latino Short Film Festival and was screened at the Mexic Arte Museum. Her short “Silla de Ruedas” (2015) was an official selection at the Icaro International Film Festival in Guatemala and the Central American International Film Festival. Recently her short documentary “Even with their nails” was screened at Cannes, Cine las Americas in Austin, and won an Icaro Award in Guatemala for Best Documentary Short.

Todd Thompson is a sound engineer and professional musician with degrees in Media Production from Florida State University and Recording Arts from the University of Southern California. He has his M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas where he is currently a lecturer of undergraduate audio production classes as well as a freelance mixer of student films. His professional credits include audio work on the recent feature films Hateship/Loveship (dir. Liza Johnson), To the Wonder (dir. Terrence Malick), The Hot Flashes and The Boynton Beach Club (dir. Susan Seidelman). He directed and edited the short documentary “A Lifetime in Repair” which played at the Austin Film Festival and took 1st place in the Graduate Student Assembly Film Showcase at UT. He owns the Austin recording studio Dharma Bomb Studios and is also a singer/songwriter in the the Austin band The Memphis Strange.

Travis Ward is a Texas professional Cinematographer and Video Producer. For the past 8 years, Travis has been working professionally in the Austin film industry behind the camera - from narrative shorts and features to corporate and individual creative clients. In 2017, he made the jump to being a self-employed filmmaker full time. In addition to his on-set expertise, he also a freelance editor and colorist, primarily using DaVinci Resolve in his toolbox.