How do you successfully engage people in the community with arts & culture if their services are consistently being shut down, priced out or displaced in a city that promotes itself as a creative destination? 

The main barrier we have seen with Austin’s sustainability is affordability. Generations of communities and families are being barred from reaching their potential due to socioeconomic disadvantages. One of our most important objectives as an organization is not to only serve those who are active in the arts but for those who have yet to be, by creating unique programming for the community. Opening doors and making it a financially viable option by providing alternative education and a community space to grow. Together.

Motion Media Arts Center is a 501c(3) non-profit independent film, art, and technology center that supports every aspect of production from creation to presentation. Our goal is empower, support and educate emerging artists of all ages to be active participants in shaping our culture and engage communities to rethink the way we view film, art and technology. We provide alternative ways to work, learn, create, and consume the arts in the digital era.

We do this by programs such as the Austin School of Film providing over 500 classes year round in art, film and creative technology and the Austin Cinemaker Space - Austin's only non-profit low-cost coworking makerspace. 

With your help, we can continue our mission to serve the ever-growing Central Texas community!


We serve 10,000+ people year-round and 67% require financial assistance to access education, resources and to build successful futures. Your support is a vital part in continuing  our mission and paving the pathway for future generations to work, learn and create. 

Keep Austin Creating. Keep Austin Working. Keep Austin Learning. 

You're a super human!