CineJoven: Filmmaking in Spanish

In a direct response to the cultural climate of the Southwest, ASoF presents this pioneering filmmaking program for teens ages 14 - 19, where they are taught to create films in Spanish. This program provides free learning opportunities, outside of school, where youth students are challenged to conceive of and produce complex media projects. This program not only facilitates cross-cultural understanding, but provides valuable production experience for underserved communities. Completed works will be screened during our annual Loud & Clear Film Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse, entered into national and international film festivals, and featured on Spanish speaking television networks.

Youth M.A.F.I.A Day Film Competition

Since 2005, Texas high school students ages 14-18 come together to create short films in only 24 hours during the Annual Youth M.A.F.I.A Day Film Festival & Screening. This event is free and takes place from 10am-10pm, starting on the first Saturday morning of Spring Break. All youth filmmakers are fed by our wonderful sponsors throughout the festival and are supervised by ASoF faculty, mentors, and chaperones.

Spring Break Animation Workshop

Since 2005,  children ages 10-13 will use their imagination to create miniature worlds using handmade animation techniques such as stop-motion and paper cut-out animation with award-winning Animator, Jeanne Stern. ASoF will provide a pizza pary lunch, snacks and beverages throughout the duration of the free workshop.

Community Education

We offer year-round programming for all ages and skill levels, that include: classes, workshops, digital media training, guest artist salons, screenings, exhibits, and networking events. Our creative hub allows the community to have accessible film, photo & video production studios and equipment rentals, casting rooms, darkroom stocked with chemicals, and access to our iMac computer lab fully stocked with all the latest software versions of leading arts and post-production. We maintain a professional and experienced full time staff, to administrate programming and to provide year-round free one on one professional consulting for artists in marketing, networking, funding and distribution. Free and open to the public, salons for up close networking with industry professionals and an open door policy at our downtown East Austin location help make Austin a major breeding ground for the arts, big ideas and community development.

Austin Cinemaker Space

Austin Cinemaker Space, a sister program to the Austin School of Film. Austin Cinemaker Space will merge media arts education and community, demand fluency with the ever evolving technologies, create a fostering more active learning process and directly serve as a reflection of the changing norms in educational and creative environments in digital media and film for the Austin Community.

Cinemaker serves as a creative safe space for community members of all ages to explore their creativity and artistic imaginations in a interactive, hands-on environment without the financial risk of taking on projects and creative ideas alone. With this new space and program, Motion Media Arts Center aims to empower, support and help create new artists, educators and community members through the power of keeping our programs accessible and affordable for everyone. We give a nod to our past Cinemaker Co-op by offering members of our makerspace access to private art studios, co-working space, screening room, access to media equipment and software, a fully stocked darkroom and the chance to purchase film and other art supplies at a discounted rate through us and more.