Youth Super 8 & 16mm Film Workshop (Ages: 13-16)

Youth Super 8 & 16mm Film Workshop (Ages: 13-16)


Analog film and photography is back with a bang! From polaroid camera to Kodak releasing new film stock ~ we’re lovin’ it!

Back by popular demand, Austin School of Film is teaching future youth filmmakers how to create movies on analog film formats! Youth students will learn the process of developing and creating a short film on analog Super 8 cameras with Kodak Tri-x b&w reversal film.

Students will learn to shoot on Super 8 cameras, camera basics, storytelling techniques, and be guided through the process of making a short film on analog film format. Students will also get a taste of the highly experimental and deeply satisfying world of creating motion pictures entirely without a camera with project-based exercises on 16mm Direct Animation ala Stan Brakage.

Topics cover a wide range of concepts and techniques including:

  • Camera composition with Super 8

  • Focus

  • Light Meter

  • Experimenting and storytelling in filmmaking

  • Projecting film

  • Art Direction

Students will collaborate and complete a series of mini projects shot on real film over the course of the weekend and leave our workshop with a digital copy of all their work for easy sharing with family & friends. No prior film experience required, beginners welcome & encouraged to participate!

Ages: 13-16 yrs old

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INSTRUCTOR: Faiza Kracheni is a multimedia artist and musician living and working in Austin, Texas. Her work primarily focuses with film, in such formats as Super 8, 16mm and 35mm Her work has screened in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma and Austin.

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