Super 8 & 16mm Workshop

Super 8 & 16mm Workshop


Join us for an intensive crash course in shooting on Super 8, direct 16mm animation and abstract & experimental filmmaking techniques and cinema examples with local experimental filmmaker & artist, Faiza Kracheni. 

Experimenting with film can be an intimating thought for someone who is new to film and the craft. We believe in keep access to this art form as accessible as possible by developing this unique class for all levels interested! It's a myth you have to break the bank to shoot on film!

Students will be guided into the world of the art of shooting, painting and otherwise experiments with real film. Yeah, like the nitty gritty stuff you see in horror movies when something's about to go off.

This class will cover:

  • Shooting and handling Super 8 cameras
  • Reading a light meter
  • Basic shot composition
  • Developing your film in a darkroom
  • Splicing your footage
  • DIY Digital Transfers
  • Direct Animation on 16mm
  • Projecting 16mm & Super 8

This class is a comprehensive introduction to shooting and experimenting on film formats Super 8 and 16mm. Students will leaving class with their completed film reels and a digital copy of all footage.

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INSTRUCTOR: Faiza Kracheni is a multimedia artist and musician living and working in Austin, Texas. Her work primarily focuses with film, in such formats as Super 8, 16mm and 35mm drawing inspiration for her work from subculture movements such as punk, fetish, and religion/ ritual. Her work has screened in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma and Austin.

SUPPLIES: all included!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: students interested in learning on film format and/or students working towards their Digital Video Certificate. Students must be at least 16 years old to take this class.

CERTIFICATE: DVCP elective credit.

This course and all ASoF courses are certified with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continue Professional Educational (CPE) credits.