Intro to Mac

Intro to Mac


Our course will run much like any other software training course we teach in a welcoming small class setting. This course is meant for students who need to nail the computer basics and want to learn on a digital industry standard computer such as an iMac. We will briefly touch on other Apple devices such as iPad tablet and Apple TV.

The curriculum will broken into 4 subcategories which are: Exploring Mac Desktop, Mac Basics, Using the Internet, Organizing files & folders.

This course is completely free of cost & open to any Austin resident.

Below is a skeleton breakdown of the course.

Getting Started: Exploring iMac Desktop

  • Using the Finder

  • Using the Dock

  • Using the Menu Bar

  • Finding files using Spotlight

  • Finding info in Notification Center

  • Using Launchpad

  • Adjusting system volume & brightness

  • Sleeping, restarting, turning on, and shutting down

iMac Basics

  • Hardware vs. Software

  • Finding apps in the Applications folder

  • Opening and closing applications

  • Double-clicking vs. single-clicking

  • Left-clicking vs. right-clicking

  • Selecting text

  • Using the Mac App Store and updating Apps

  • Connecting printers

  • iMac Storage

  • Universal Access

Using the Internet

  • Connecting to a router

  • Browsing the internet

Organizing Files & Folders

  • External Storage & accessories (i.e formatting a hard drive)

  • Opening and creating folders

  • Moving and tagging files

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 Those interested in learning the basics of iMac computers in an inviting and creative environment for free.

NOTE: All software training classes take place in MMAC's iMac computer lab. All software courses are taught on iMac computers. Mac experience is strongly suggested and this course is a direct response to accessibility of software training platforms.


SUPPLIES: iMac workstation included

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