Advanced Adobe After Effects

Advanced Adobe After Effects


This class builds on the basic understanding of keyframing and transitions from After Effects I. We will learn how to manipulate footage in 3D space, and create and animate a camera, attached to a null object, to create classic effects such as parallax views and flythroughs. Masking, which was touched on in AEI, will be developed further using paint masks and track mattes. We will generate particles, then add glow and blur effects, to create a spatial dimension to our motion graphics. We will use the text animator and the "wiggly" selector to generate random motion, character offsets, opacity, and blurs, advancing our titling skills. Additional compositing methods and effects will be presented.

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WHO SHOULD ATTEND: those interested in post-production, editing, color correction, special effects, animation, and titling. Students must be at least 16 years old to take this class.

NOTE: All software training classes take place in MMAC's iMac computer lab. All software courses are taught on iMac computers. Mac experience is strongly suggested but not required.

CERTIFICATE: ASoF Digital Video Certificate class

PRE-REQUISITES: Intro to Adobe After Effects or similar skill set. 

This course and all ASoF courses are certified with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide Continue Professional Educational (CPE) credits.

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