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Cine Joven is a free after-school youth digital film and media program at Austin School of Film.

Our mission is to give students a direct experience to represent and empower the Latino community, culture and identity through media art production.


In 2005, Cine Joven: Filmmaking in Spanish was founded  by Austin School of Film. In its earliest incarnation, it was a bold experiment in class and culture-hopping, social-engineering outreach. Austin School of Film's reasoning was, essentially, if Austin's Hispanic youth was underrepresented at the Austin School of Film, then why not take the ASoF – instructors, gear, and all – to the Hispanic youth?

What began as a way to engage primarily Latinx students in digital filmmaking has turned into programming that actually motivates audiences to adopt new behaviors. Cine Joven creates powerful serial dramas with suspense and stories that change lives, both the students who create them and the diverse audiences who watch them.

Students ages 14 - 18 who participate in the Cine Joven program learn how to create a short films inspired by the telenovela format in Spanish and learn the basics of filmmaking through an innovative crew format. This after-school program provides hands-on exercises in composition, camera movement, storyboarding, image, sound development and software training on such programs as Final Cut Pro. Students will also be encouraged to incorporate their experiences during the writing process and to play all the crew roles including acting during the shoots. They will work closely with artistic mentors such as professional filmmakers, artists and editors. Not only will the students who partake in this program gain invaluable digital media skills and film production experience, but also gain necessary skills for their future careers.


✓ Classroom space and basic school supplies

✓ Access to up-to-date software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Suite, Motion Graphics and iMovie

✓ Access to industry standard cinematic equipment and cameras

✓ Professional artistic mentors in cinematography, sound, lighting, and software training

✓ Provided lunch and dinners for students and crew on shoot and in-classroom training

As this completely free youth outreach program has continued to grow over time, we have worked directly with schools such as as Del Valle High, David Crockett High, Anderson High, and Ann Richard's School, ensuring that students from all over Central, Texas have a chance to participate in the program.


Help us keep our Cine Joven: Filmmaking in Spanish Outreach Youth going and growing in the Central, Texas community! Your donations will go directly to Austin School of Film's Outreach Program, Cine Joven: Filmmaking in Spanish and completion our brand-new upcoming series. All donations are tax-deductible.

Your donations will ensure our program can continue to offer free admission to any and all students in Central Texas and provide them with digital media education and training from guest filmmakers, artists, and instructors


✓ If you cannot contribute to the campaign, please contribute in other ways if at all possible.


✓ Repost on social media like Facebook and Twitter!

✓ Let us know if you know local restaurants or groups that would be willing to cater or donate food for cast and crew!

✓ Volunteer your time!

Our next session will be hosted TBA (after school). For more information, contact us!

Sponsored with a grant from De Mott, McChesney, Curtright, & Armendáriz, LLP.