MIX/VHS | Week 053

One day, it's 30 degrees. The next, it's 70. What season are we in exactly?? Well, whatever the heck is happening in Austin right now, we've got another timeless and season-crisis free MIX/VHS for you to get your weekend started early with! We hope you enjoy!

The End of the F**king World


Based on a graphic novel, this British dark comedy follows a pair of 17-year-old outsiders on a Bonnie and Clyde adventure. One is a self-diagnosed psychopath. The other is bored and rebellious. Together, they go on a road trip that blossoms into this coming-of-age journey filled with plenty of crime, blood and angst. This 8 episode series carries a concisely structured story (each episode is only about 20 minutes) that has delightfully dark and honest characters. It's refreshing, quirky, and hilarious. Available on Netflix. 

- Janet

The Final Girls


The Final Girls is an excellent audition to the sub - horror genre of horror-meta-comedy, falling easily in line with the likes of Shaun of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, and Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Final Girls is smartly written, and inspired in every frame of the runtime, from the performances to the synthy soundtrack. Hilarious and heart - warming ode to slashers.

- Jake



A Vimeo pick for "Best of the Year", this mesmerizing short animation is one I find myself coming back to over the years. Follow an explorer as he discovers a world that slowly turns more familiar than expected. Take a 6 minute break from life to enjoy this film's sound design and unique storytelling.

- Valarie

Mr. Bean


The entire box set of the Mr. Bean sitcom arguably shaped my entire thought process of writing comedy. And after watching a great video essay dissecting Rowan Atkinson's philosophy on comedy, I found myself revisiting a prevalent part of my childhood. Every episode has three skits (sometimes connected, but often not), each conundrum that he runs into even goofier than the last. The link above is just he pilot episode from 1990, but every episode should be on YouTube, so do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this gem!

- Spencer

Tom at the Farm



If director Xavier Dolan has taught me anything about French-Canadian people, it's that they're basically the same thing as French people. Their stereotypically disaffected attitude and ennui-based filmmaking, however, works to Dolan's advantage in his creepy and downright strange gay-horror feature Tom at the Farm. The story follows a man trapped in a rural Quebec by his dead lover's sociopathic brother, and turns into an almost Lynchian examination of grief and attraction. For fans of laser-guided cow milking machines.

- JJ

I, Tonya


I, Tonya is a wildly inventive film that chronicles the life and career of figure skating champion Tonya Harding. The biopic begins with a superimposed message, telling us it is “based on irony-free, wildly contradictory, totally true interviews with Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly.” The resulting movie isn’t neatly divided into frame story interviews and flashbacks (like True Detective) nor is it a movie that simply presents a series of events from different perspectives (like Rashomon or The Thin Blue Line) – instead, the film a savvy audience that can follow along when characters pause mid-flashback to continue their interview narration. It’s a truly effective device that deftly demonstrates how difficult it can be to tell fact from fiction–but perhaps also gives us the most honest, true-to-life view of Tonya’s fierce, unbridled energy both in and outside of the rink.

- Matt

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