Exhibit:     Technomemoriae     / Artist:  Nicolette Dunn    / Motion Media Arts Center, 2016

Exhibit: Technomemoriae / Artist: Nicolette Dunn / Motion Media Arts Center, 2016

We Exist! is an ongoing series of exhibitions curated by non-profit arts + tech organization, Motion Media Arts Center. Our goal is to highlight artists of all mediums within our community and their work.

Motion Media Arts Center hosts a variety of events and art exhibits for various artists within multi-media platforms such as: projection mappinginstallationfilmvideoanimation, and photography. Our aim is to provide artists of all kinds, a space to display their work, become part of a creative community, educate and support each other through their work and passion. If you are interested in curating an art event through us, get in touch! Unlike most art galleries, we seek the public to tell us what YOU want to see and who you would like to see get exhibited and support.

To inquire, simply send an email to