Artist Connection Program

The Artist Connection Program (formerly Filmmaker's Connection Program) is a professional development opportunity for emerging and experienced artists in the multimedia disciplinary (visual arts, film, animation) fields who are from outside the Austin area. Visiting artists become part the community of more than 200 active artist members at the Motion Media Arts Center. With space in our publicly accessible working studios, workspace and through specific produced events or store (ex: Keep Austin Creating, MMAC Artist Shop), artists can meet with fellow artists, visitors, display and sell original work or services while interacting with year-round visitors. The Artist Connection Program is produced by Motion Media Center and supported in part by the City of Austin's Cultural Arts Division. 

The Artist Connection Program will expose visitors to a new group of artists and projects. Applicants may apply for a 1, 2, 3, or 4-month residency on a rolling basis. The projects undertaken by ACP for this residency is self-directed. Creative residency must be compatible with available working studio spaces and facilities. The Visiting Artist will have the opportunity for informal exchanges with other MMAC artists, faculty, and staff. As part of the program, each Visiting Artist is also asked to give a demonstration, elaborating on their process. Visiting Artists will be able to display and sell artwork and will be provided with workspace. All expenses and arrangements related to art materials, equipment, transportation, housing or other requirements are the responsibility of the Visiting Artist. Visiting Artist will be given a Austin guide curated by MMAC to include: entertainment, housing, arts organizations map, and food/restaurant upon arrival. 


The possibilities that arise out of a cross-cultural exchange between artists are part of what makes any community vibrant, and it is the interaction between new talent and learned colleagues that paves the way towards new careers, new art, and new cinema. Cities have always been the centers where new creativity is born, art movements have their roots in the simple meeting of minds where the environment is ripe for creation. With the right facilities, tools, and people, anything can happen. 

Austin has increasingly becoming a destination for artists from all corners of the globe, and this specific program functions a base of support for visiting artists. As a participating artist of MMAC's Artist Connect Program (ACP), participants will have access to equipment, facilities, events, most importantly, to a group of like-minded individuals with a love for the arts and creativity -- this program offers short & long term options for non-Austin residents or otherwise visiting artists (specifically). Artists will have the opportunity to further their skills, as well as become part of a community that continues to distinguish itself as a center for independent filmmaking + arts . 

In addition to this, you will be supported by the MMAC team in all your endeavors here. Artists who have participated in ACP have gone on to make award-winning films and attained positions in their field based on their experience here at the MMAC. Through ACP, we wish to continue to make Austin’s film scene a fertile ground for interaction, learning, exchange and creation, and to share our city’s unique and growing film + art culture with an ever expanding outreach to artists world-wide. This stems from our belief in our city, in community and that cinema is truly a universal medium, extending beyond languages and borders.

Applications for this program are taken on a rolling basis.

WHO SHOULD APPLY (one or more of the following)

  • Visiting artists from outside the Austin area.
  • Visiting artists looking to have access to: equipment, classes, facilities, events, and meet like minded individuals.
  • Visiting artists who are currently in production or in pre-production stages of an arts-based project.
  • Visiting artists looking to get involved in local productions and arts projects.

Application Requirements

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. One page Letter of Intent: Include a brief artist statement, description of how your work fits into the field of multimedia arts.
  3. Current CV
  4. 2-3 Examples of your work: We only accept digital submissions via email, link or dropbox.

Please email completed applications to: