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1. Smoke & Mirrors - April 8, 2011

APRIL 8, 2011

An evening of flowing layers and reflected rays. We rocked out our fog machine to screen Anthony McCall’s seminal Line Describing a Cone, said by P. Adams Sitney to be “the most brilliant case of an observation on the essentially sculptural quality of every cinematic situation.” Our smoky program featured work by Caroline Koebel (the instructor of our upcoming avant-garde film class) and Scott Stark.

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2. SXSW M.A.F.I.A Competition & Festival

In partnership with South by Southwest (SXSW) Film, the Austin School of Film (ASoF) is offering a free event open to high school students, ages 1419. Participants are challenged to work in teams of four to write, shoot, and edit a five-minute short film according to set guidelines within 24 hours, hence the name of SXSW Youth Make a Film in a (MAFIA) Day Film Festival.

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3. Artist Salons & Screenings
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4. SXSW Community Animation Workshop

This workshop is free and open to ages 11-18. Participants will learn about 3D image making. They will use their imagination to create miniature worlds that will be presented as a 3D film on the big screen. No experience necessary. Finished work will be screened as a part of SXSW 2015 Film Festival.

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