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As an Apple Authorized Training Center, the Austin School of Film administers Apple Pro User Certification Exams.

The Apple Certified Pro program creates a benchmark for assessing an enduser’s proficiency in a specific Apple Pro application. By taking and passing the Apple Certified Pro exam, a user is given Apple Certified Pro status, which allows them to distinguish themselves to colleagues, employers, and prospective clients as skilled users of the chosen software application. This certification gives individuals a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing job market.

What is an Apple Certified Pro?

A certified user who has reached the highest skill level in the use and operation of Apple’s Pro Applications as attested to by Apple. Certification is attained by passing the online certification exam administered only at Apple Authorized Training Centers.

How do I become an Apple Certified Pro?

To become an Apple Certified Pro, you must pass an online exam administered at an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC). Exams are administered at the end of specific courses at AATCs.

If you prefer to learn on your own or believe you already have the necessary skill set in your chosen application, you may register to take the exam at an AATC for a fee.

Level Two exams can only be taken after completing the prerequisite Level One exam.

What are the benefits of becoming an Apple Certified Pro?

Apple Certified Pros are recognized as highly skilled users of the chosen application. This allows you to differentiate yourself to employers and colleagues as a certified professional to promote career growth. A certificate from Apple distinguishes you as an Apple Certified Pro and you will have the right to use the Apple Certified Pro logo on your business cards or website.



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