Christie Dawson


Most writers struggle with confidently writing two words…The End. This usually occurs somewhere around the middle of the story that a writer falls into the trap of writer's block and become stuck. For some writers, it is simply finding the time to write.

This 12-hour course will offer the fundamentals of organizing, brainstorming, revising and editing. During each session, the first hour will be dedicated to instruction, brainstorming and the second hour will be dedicated to the writer working on their story.


Who Should Attended: This course is designed for students who have an unfinished script in process needing completion. Students will complete their script in the duration of this course and furthermore, may develop new ideas and/or future scripts. 

Prerequisites: Students who have completed Screenwriting I or have the equivalent skill-set and currently seek development of their script in process. 

Tuition: $200 

About The Instructor:

Christie Dawson has over fifteen years experience as a professional Recruiting Manager for Fortune 100/500 companies and currently works as a Recruiter for Google. She received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and is currently a self-published author and contributing author to an award winning anthology, The Motherhood Diaries. In 2016, Christie’s screenplay placed in the top 15% for Original Dramatic Screenplay in the Nicholls Fellowship and second round in the Austin Film Festival.




2017 Classes TBA

*Please contact the Austin School of Film for more information.