Directing for Film & Video:
Intermediate to Advanced

This 8-week course is designed to teach beginning filmmakers the basics of directing narrative films with a practical and theoretical emphasis on visual storytelling. Students should have some background in the technical aspects of camera operation and editing, as this is not a technical class or have taken our Digital Filmmaking course.  The class will take a hands-on approach into the process of directing films- from designing a tight narrative script to blocking and camera placement, working with actors, production design, and creative direction in the post-production process- culminating in a 4-minute short shot during the 8-week course, which is designed to be festival-ready. The ultimate goal is for students to cultivate the confidence and instincts that will make them an informed director in the independent film community. Student films are eligible to be showcased in ASoF's SXSW showcase each year during SXSW Film. Films must be submitted to us by February 1 of each year to be considered.

"This class is much more than just a directing class. I learned production planning. set preparation, script breakdowns and editing tips, too. Cathy Welch is a knowledgeable instructor with Hollywood experience. She obtained real scripts, real actors and real camera and sound professionals for us to direct. I was amazed at how much easier it was to shoot a production when working with experienced individuals. Cathy did not only 'tell' us about directing, she demonstrated in the live shoot. I found this very beneficial. Most of all, I learned a ton when it came to editing the footage into a finished piece. Editing is so much more than cutting clips together. I learned to look for inconsistencies in actions, sound, color and lighting from clip to clip. Cathy spots it all and keeps reviewing your piece until it is unimprovable or your run out of time. I highly recommend this class but to get the most out of it, participate in every aspect and ask lots of questions."  - M.Lee Klein, ASoF student 2015

Who Should Attend: People who want to learn the entire cycle of media production, from concept to distribution and those working towards their ASoF Digital Video Certificate.

ASoF Certificate: ASoF Digital Video Certificate elective class

Prerequisites: Digital Filmmaking or the equivalent experience level. This class is designed for students who have experience in filmmaking or have taken our Digital Filmmaking course. 

Tuition: $635.00

Basic Member Tuition: $571.50

Deluxe Member Tuition: $539.75




May 31 - July 19 / Wednesdays / 6:30 - 9:30pm / 0 seats left