Mike Werckle

Introduction to 3D Animation will expose students to the world of computer generated animation. In addition to learning the basics of polygon modelling, key frame animation and particle simulation, students will spend time exploring the principles of classic character animation, including squash & stretch, timing, anticipation, overlapping action and follow through. There will be several in-class exercises and each student will create their own 30 second short as their final project. Introduction To 3D Animation will utilize the free open-source software "Blender," but will focus on teaching skills and concepts common to all 3D animation software, including Maya, Softimage and 3ds Max.

Introductory Tuition: $495.00

About the Instructor:
Mike Werckle is a professional previsualization artist, known for his work on such films as Machete, Live Free or Die Hard, Predators, I Am Legend, and many others.  Take a look at his amazing reel.




2016 Classes TBA

*Please contact the Austin School of Film for more information.