Jeanne Stern

 Music Video by Patricia Vonne, ASoF student 

Are you interested in animation but are also a music lover? We've combined music and animation to bring you ASoF's first multi-arts platform class. In this project-based class, students will use animation to create a digital film for the song of your choice. We will cover a variety of unique animation techniques, including but not limited to: stop-motion animation and paper puppetry. From idea to concept, students will create a visual concept and outline for their song, and animate a segment of the film. No prior experience necessary.

Finished films be considered for screening at the Austin School of Film's 2017 Official SXSW showcase. Deadline to submit your music video as part of this course is: March 1, 2017.

Who Should Attend: Students interested in combining music and animation and those interested in art and animation.

Supplies: All supplies included.

Prerequisites: None.

Tuition: $250.00

Note: Students will have access to ASoF's iMac computer lab during the duration of this course to work on their music video outside of class if needed, to schedule lab time please contact:


About the instructor:

Jeanne Stern is a creative professional and multi-platform artist in digital media, animation, film, video and editing currently working and living in Austin, Texas. Her past work has screened at a variety of festivals and galleries around global including: PBS, The Smithsonian, South by Southwest and Heather Henson's traveling Film Festival. She holds an MFA in Film from the University of Texas and a BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College. She has been teaching both youth and adults within digital art creation and instruction for the past 5+ years including teaching at the University of Texas (Austin).




Closed. Please Contact with any questions about this class and possible future sessions.