Animated Comedy Series
Jeanne Stern

Create your own animated comedy series!

Students will learn basic animation skills using Adobe Animate (formerly Flash), as well as animated comedy writing concepts, and improv comedy exercises in this class designed for all levels including a basic beginner.. You do not need to be good at drawing to be funny-- you may choose to work with simple images such as stick figures, or collage cutouts. Students will have the opportunity to meet and work with local comedy actors, or perform their own scripts. In this class, each student will come up with an idea of their own through class exploration and exercises to create their own an animated web series, and write and animate a segment of the pilot episode. Students can choose to work individually or with a partner.

Students have access our iMac lab will all the tools necessary through the tuition of this course. If you are interested in becoming a member and having access to these tools all the time, check out our low rates!

Who Should Attend: Students who are interested in comedy and animation. Students working towards their Digital Video Certificate may take this class as an elective.

Prequisites: None. All levels welcome.

Tuition: $195.00

About the instructor:

Jeanne Stern is a creative professional and multi-platform artist in digital media, animation, film, video and editing currently working and living in Austin, Texas. Her past work has screened at a variety of festivals and galleries around global including: PBS, The Smithsonian, South by Southwest and Heather Henson's traveling Film Festival. She holds an MFA in Film from the University of Texas and a BA in Studio Art from Connecticut College. She has been teaching both youth and adults within digital art creation and instruction for the past 5+ years including teaching at the University of Texas (Austin).




May 2 - June 6 / Tuesdays / 6:30pm - 9:30pm / 8 seats left