Internships are always open at The Austin School of Film, but we don't have any production projects available right now.

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Available programs:

Internships for College Credit: The Austin School of Film will work with any university or college to provide you with the experience you need to gain college credit, and design a custom schedule that suits you. To apply, please email with your requirements and the relevant contact information for your college (specifically, the person in charge of college credit programs).

Internships for US Filmmakers: If you're looking to be an intern at the Austin School of Film but do not want your hours to go towards college credit, please email with your CV/resume.

Internships for International Filmmakers: We love working with international filmmakers! We've hosted interns from Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Belgium, Hungary, France, the U.K., and Canada. Although we can't provide lodging ourselves, we know all the best places to stay, eat, hang out, and shoot film in Austin. Check out our dedicated page for hosting international filmmakers here. For more information, please email Anne (


Please note that interns must commit to 15 hours per week.

This is a maximum. You will likely not be asked to work 15 hours.


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