Experimental Filmmaking with Faiza Kracheni

Join us for a night of experimental filmmaking as we celebrate some of the most celebrated pioneers throughout history and discuss their life's works and must-see pieces.

We have careful curated films from the 1920's such as Hans Richter, to 1940's and 60's which such artists as Maya Deren, Stan Brakage and David Lynch leading us to the exciting films of the 70's and 80's with excerpts from Kenneth Anger to present time filmmakers and visual arts. This screening will be introduced and lead by Faiza Kracheni, ASoF Education & Programs Director + local artist/filmmaker.

BEHIND THE SCENE is an ongoing film screening series brought to you by Hyperreal film club and Austin School of Film. Bringing together local creatives to introduce must-see films and talk about the craft. Learn directly from your arts community!

Whether you are interested in learning more about how films are made, want to talk shop with a pro, or just enjoy watching and appreciating cinema with likeminded people, join us!

February 12, 2016 / Sunday / Doors @ 6:30 /

About the Artist

Faiza Kracheni (b. 1988) is a multimedia artist and musician living and working in Austin, Texas. Her work primarily focuses with film, in such formats as Super 8, 16mm and 35mm drawing inspiration for her work from subculture movements such as punk, fetish, and religion/ritual. Her work has screened in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Oklahoma and Austin. She is currently working on a new film to premiere in Spring 2017. She is a Director of an Texas based arts non-profit and considers herself a human and animal rights advocate and activist.