International Cinema & Visual Arts Network

The possibilities that arise out of a cross-cultural exchange between artists are part of what makes any art scene vibrant, and it is the interaction between new talent and learned colleagues that paves the way towards new careers, new art and new cinema. Cities have always been the centers where new creativity is born, film movements have their roots in the simple meeting of minds where the environment is ripe for creation. With the right facilities, tools, and people, anything can happen.

The city of Austin is increasingly becoming a destination for filmmakers and artists from all corners of the globe, and this program functions a base of support for visiting artists. As an intern with ASoF, participants will have access to equipment, facilities, film events and, just as importantly, to a group of like-minded individuals with a love for cinema and creativity. Here you will have the opportunity to further your skills, as well as become part of a community that continues to distinguish itself as a center for independent filmmaking. In addition to this, you will be supported by the ASoF team in all your endeavors here. Filmmakers and Visual Artists who have participated in our Visitor’s program have gone on to make award-winning works and attained positions in their field based on their experience here at the Austin School of Film.

Through the Artist's Connection program we wish to continue to make Austin’s film/art scene a fertile ground for interaction, learning, exchange and creation, and to share our city’s unique and growing film and art culture with an ever expanding outreach to artists world-wide. This stems from our belief in our city, in community and that cinema is truly a universal medium, extending beyond languages and borders.

Here is what former FC intern, Mateo Ybarra of Switzerland, had to say:
"At ASoF, the fact that really impressed me was the motivation of the people there. How they all were implicated in filmmaking. The contact is easy and people were really pleased to help you in your projects. So, the whole approach to [making movies in Austin] is kind of different from Switzerland, where it is really more difficult to find people ready to help you or [people who have] the knowledge in filmmaking. In Switzerland, you have to work harder by yourself, and there is less possibility of [the exchange of ideas]."


Or take for example, the case of Portuguese student Pedro Resende:

“I was part of the "Telenovela Project" where, with Angeles (another intern) we would work with teenagers from a Mexican-American background and tell their stories. Our job would be to tutor them into the world of filmmaking, overseeing all production steps. It was an interesting process once we were working with a very multi tasking crew: for most of them it was their first time as filmmakers and it was exciting and challenging at the same time.

For the amount of effort and work that those teenagers put into it I am very glad with the end result. But I am even more satisfied that they liked doing it and that they worked as a team and understood what team work means.”


Resende is currently working at Austin-Based [Fueld Films].


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